Friday, February 13, 2009

Alpinia zerumbet, Shell Ginger

Alpinia zerumbet 
 Shell Ginger
The 3 metre tall clump forming Shell Ginger is a great screen plant and is hardy over a range of climates from cool temperate to tropical. It is a reliable flowering plant and the porcelain white flowers have a pink flush to them and open to expose a red and yellow throat. The flowering stems arch over gracefully so it needs plenty of room to show off its true beauty. Maintenance involves cutting off old flowering stems and trimming any dead leaves , It is hardy in sun or shade and has no special growing requirements though will develop best in reasonable garden soil with some added compost.
2017 update: I have a plant in the garden but no longer grow it for sale.


  1. is the roots edible?

  2. No it is not the edible species so the roots can not be used in cooking.

  3. this flowers smell like magic.. i love it so much.