Friday, February 13, 2009

Tulbaghia cominsii and Tulbaghia fragrans

Tulbaghia fragrans
Tulbaghia fragrans is sometimes given the common name of Pink Agapanthus, as this clump forming tuberous perennial ,which grows to about 45cm, has similar strap shaped leaves and looks like a miniature Agapanthus when not in flower. It is an extremely hardy plant and does best under fairly dry or well drained conditions. Like Agapanthus it can be dug up and moved or divided with ease and even left out of the soil for a time without looking back. It makes a good edging plant and the flowering is reliable in spring with spot flowering throughout the year.
Tulbaghia cominsii by comparison is a dainty plant with lovely fine grass like foliage and delicate flowers of mauve. It makes a good container plant especially in a decorative pot as the centre piece of an outdoor table where you can view it up close.

Tulbaghia cominsii
2017 update: I grow both of these Tulbaghia species and have batches ready for sale at regular intervals throughout the year.

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