Monday, February 16, 2009

Murraya koenigii, Curry Leaf Tree

Murraya koenigii
 Curry Leaf Tree
If you enjoy making curries you will be familiar with the distinctive hiss and spatter sound of curry leaves when they hit hot oil in a pan .......followed not long after by the popping sound of mustard seeds. As an essential ingredient in Asian cooking particularly Indian and Malaysian cuisine, the Curry Leaf tree is a great plant to grow in a pot close to the kitchen door. In the garden it will grow in sun or shade and reach about 3 metres in height . It sends out suckers from around the base and these can be dug up and potted on to give away to friends.
In cold climates, the tree will be deciduous in winter and is tolerant of some frost but to maintain a supply of fresh leaves it is worthwhile freezing some in plastic bags.
In Malaysia it is known as daun kari and in India as meetha neem or karipattar .
Young leaves also impart a unique flavour when added to scrambled eggs or an omelette and they can also be used as an ingredient when making a fresh chatni (chutney)
2017 update: I have a tree of it in the garden but no plants for sale. It is readily available at most nurseries and garden centres.

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