Thursday, April 9, 2009

Aloe x spinosissima 'La Mortola'

Aloe x spinosissima 'La Mortola'
One of the must see gardens of Europe is the Hanbury Botanical Garden at Cape Mortola, in Ventimiglia, Italy, particularly if you like cactus and succulents. This Aloe originated from there and is possibly a hybrid between Aloe humilus and Aloe arborescens. It is a lovely compact plant which forms a dense bush to about 40cm, It can be grown as a single plant if you can be bothered to remove all the side growth suckers. The flowers are a nice shade of coral pink and are produced in masses during winter with odd flowers throughout the year as well. It makes a good low hedge or border plant and the dense growth ensures that weed growth is excluded from around its base.It will tolerate some frost.
2017 update: I normally have stock available throughout the year but only in limited numbers.

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