Thursday, April 16, 2009

Costus productus, Spiral Ginger

Costus productus Spiral Ginger
This is one of the small (1metre) clump forming Gingers which is in flower continually during the warm months. It is native to Peru where it enjoys a moist humus rich soil, growing as an understory plant of trees and palms. It is evergreen in the tropics but it in cooler climates it becomes dormant and may die down completely over winter. During this time it is best kept on the dry side if growing it in a pot and ensuring well drained conditions in a garden bed. Cold and damp may rot the rhizomes. It can be lifted and divided in Spring and new growth and flowering is rapid if given a side dressing of fertilizer.
2017 update: i no longer grow this. It prefers a more sub tropical climate.

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