Monday, April 20, 2009

Banksia oblongifolia

Sir Joseph Banks (1743-1820) naturalist and botanist

Joseph banks as a boy, painted in 1757
Sir Joseph Banks sculpture in Hunter Region Botanic Garden

Banksia oblongifolia
Sir Joseph Banks has iconic status in Australia and is honoured for the beautiful native plant Banksia.  Most species have an autumn flush of flowers starting in March and lasting till July or August. This is one of the small growing species which rarely grows over a metre in height . It hugs coastal cliffs in wind swept positions surviving and flowering well in dry and rocky spots around Sydney and all along the coast to Queensland. The flower spikes produced are greenish yellow in bud opening to a warm pale yellow as they mature. Leaves have an attractive rusty appearance when they are in the juvenile stage. Banksias are also one of the premier plants for attracting honey eating birds to the garden.
2017 update: Available from specialist native plant nurseries.

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