Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mussaenda hybrida, Bangkok Rose

Mussaenda hybrida
  Bangkok Rose
The hybrids of this 2 metre shrub mainly originate from the Philippines but it is a well known shrub throughout the tropics, sub tropics and in warm temperate climates. It becomes deciduous over winter locally and produces its best flush of flowers (bracts)) during late summer and autumn. Some of the common names given to this shrub include Bangkok Rose, Buddha's Lamp, Flagbush, and Paper-chase tree. It grows quite well in the shade of trees but needs some good compost rich soil to do well .Growth tends to be twiggy and it takes a few years to get a good well rounded shrub. Hardwood cuttings taken in spring strike fairly readily.
2017 update: I currently don't have any plants available for sale.

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