Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Plectranthus amboinicus, Cuban Oregano

Plectranthus amboinicus
 Cuban Oregano
 Oregano de la tierra
 The origin of this plant is uncertain but possibly it is native to India. It has found its way to many warm climate countries where it is used as a seasoning herb and for its medicinal properties. The flavour is reminiscent of thyme mixed with oregano and it is very strongly aromatic . Not a great deal is needed to flavour dishes such as soups, stews or when using with tomato or eggs.
Although it prefers a warm climate it is very easy to grow in any climate if kept dry over winter.It will sprawl about in a sunny or semi shaded garden position or can be grown in a pot. Cuttings strike readily, even by placing a small piece in a glass of water. The variegated form as shown above is my preferred variety as it is quite decorative.
2017 update: I have plants available for sale.


  1. This is a phenomenally handy spice; esp. in tropical climates it is a great substitute for thyme, majoram and / or oregano. And it is a lovely, scented plant that fills any small space available.

    1. The variegated form is very decorative and a great ground cover in dry shade. Rampant grower though. Herbs like thyme and marjoram are hard to keep going for more than a year or so even outside the tropics