Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Rondeletia leucophylla, Panama Rose

Rondeletia leucophylla
 Panama Rose
This small shrub (1.5 metres) from Mexico has been given the name Rondeletia 'Caprice'. An appropriate name as I have become capricious about it and don't think it is worth growing . The foliage is thin and reedy ,often bronze tinged and mean looking, making it appear fairly nondescript in a garden .However it is fairly consistent at flowering with a main flush of flowers in spring/summer and odd flowers throughout the year. They look quite nice up close but are not a patch on Pentas which would make a good substitute if you wanted a good low shrub.Allegedly the flowers are perfumed in the evening but I have not detected this and think it may be just a marketing ploy.
2017 update: Such harsh words !


  1. I have grown this shrub and found it improves with age. It is good to use for tough conditions and I found it flowering longer with more blooms after it was a couple of years old. The foliage is tougher than pentas and stands pruning, which thickens it up. I used to keep it to about 60 cm to 1 metre high and it did not need pruning very often to achieve this.

    I have moved house and left it behind in my old garden and have a definite use for it as a low hedge and I have been searching for it at various nurseries in Brisbane and can't find it. There is one in Rockhampton who may have supplies but I am waiting to hear from them about availability.

    The shrub has attributes that make it worth having.

  2. Thanks for your comments. Yes my opinion was a bit harsh so maybe it needs a more tropical climate to make it look good If you are after it in Queensland try contacting the Nursery Aitkin & Newman at Palmwoods on (07)54450413 They propagate it and supply the nursery trade.