Sunday, April 26, 2009

Gordonia axillaris

At this time of year, in a lot of old gardens, the ground is littered with flowers from the Gordonia looking like very much like fried eggs sunny side up. Native to Asia, this is an attractive small tree (6 metres) and is worth growing for a number of reasons . It has interesting orange patchwork bark, glossy foliage with an occasional scarlet flush to them and masses of waxy white flowers which have prominent orange stamens. It can be slow growing, requiring a deep rich acid soil and has perhaps fallen out of favour in the recent years of drought because of its need for adequate soil moisture. It can look miserable for a number of years before finally getting a go on. It is hardy over a range of climates and will tolerate cold down to about minus 3C.
2017 update: I don't grow this but can order in from a supplier if required.

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