Thursday, April 16, 2009

Zoysia tenuifolia, 'No Mow Grass'

The Zoysia grasses, including this one and Z.japonica(Japanese lawn grass)and Z. matrella (Manila grass) are becoming more well known for use as ground cover and as lawn. They are a lush velvety green ,hard wearing and able to cope with drought as well as having lower fertilizer and mowing requirements compared to other turf grasses. Zoysia tenuifolia which is also given the common names "Mascarene grass" or "Temple grass"is mainly used as a ground cover because it tends to grow in an undulating way, creating ripples and small hills right up to the trunks of trees in deep shade. This growth habit could be unkindly thought of as lumpy but it adds an interesting texture to a garden design. Growth tends to be fairly slow and the main problem I have encountered in growing it comes from weeds which can take over the spaces while you wait for the grass to fill in a gap.It makes an excellent ground cover for Japanese style gardens where you want to simulate a moss style landscape or where trees make establishing a conventional lawn difficult . In cooler climates it will turn lose some green cover over winter but is said to be hardy down to minus 12C.
2017 update: I no longer grow it or have plants for sale. I can order in from other growers as required.


  1. ..I love u Zozia Tenuifolia

  2. Hi, Is Zoysia good for a desert location in the middle east? Will it cope with upper 40 to 50 degree C temperatures? Water is not a problem since I have an irrigation system in place. But there is not much shade available :-(


  3. I have seen it growing in Doha at the bottom of a building in Al Markhiya Road near the Corniche, opposite the post office, if you are in Doha, have a look.

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  5. No Mow grass is great until weeds grow through it. Despite what I thought was meticulous removal of remnant couch and weeds on a barren and scarified base, the latter have worked their way up through the thick Zoysia thatch and have become impossible to remove. I have now spent some days digging (a Hori Hori knife is the only implement which can cut through it) out the affected areas.