Saturday, April 18, 2009

Quisqualis indica Rangoon Creeper

Quisqualis indica,
Rangoon Creeper in a Mosman garden, Sydney
This is quite a rampant climber in the tropics and has fallen out of favour in most tropical and sub tropical gardens because it is difficult to control ,spreading as it does by suckering . In warm temperate climates it is a little more well behaved, though the specimen above was cut off at ground level and it returned flowering within a year of this being done. The crimson flowers are sweetly perfumed and hang like bunches of cherries in clusters. Strangely the red buds open to white flowers which slowly deepen in colour from pink to crimson as they age..Foliage is also attractive with new growth taking on a bronze tone. It can be difficult to grow from cuttings which may be a reason why it is rarely offered for sale in nurseries.
2017 update:I have sold all of my stock and don't have any available.


  1. Do you sell rangoon creeper seeds at all?

  2. Re seed I do have some but am not sure how viable it would be

  3. Update January 2017 I have no plants available Ian Percy

  4. Hey Ian, any suggestions as to where we could get some? I'm in Perth.

  5. Hi Umang,
    you could try Darwin Plant Wholesalers but I am not familiar with the Perth nursery scene. Ian